Represented by:     The Photographers' Gallery, London
                               The Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York
Work available:     Gana Art Gallery, Seoul  
                               School Gallery, Paris


Nicholas Hughes was born in Liverpool 1963.  Although beginning to make photographs in his youth, it was not until completing a formal photographic education through a Master of Arts degree at the London College of Communication in 2002, preceded by a first class Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998 that he realised his vocation as a photographic artist.
Hughes became interested in environmentalism at an early age and seeing how the natural world suffered at the expense of corporate profit led him into fundraising for an environmental pressure group. Increasing awareness of the fragility and preciousness of nature drew him to the landscape. His work has gained increasing international recognition through recent selection for solo shows at the Photographers’ Gallery in London (2007, 2009 and currently 2013), at the Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, in 2010 and as an exhibitor at 'Earth' The Houston Biennial Fotofest in 2006 as well as in ‘Landscape,’ the 5th International Photo Festival in Seoul (South Korea) 2005. His work is included in the Victoria and Albert Museum and was a part of  'The Histories of Photography' exhibition in London from 2009–10 as well as the contemporary selection for the tour of India 'Something that I’ll Never Really See' from 2010–11.   His work has also been seen at the world’s major photographic art fairs in Los Angeles, New York and Paris.
The work seemingly dependent upon a transient lifestyle alludes to universal Romantic themes, allied to an environmental sensibility.  Each seeks to illustrate the frail residue of the contemporary wilderness through reduced visions of the sublime within localised nature. Examination is given to the space between the world that people inhabit and that which nature still claims as its own. The current series 'Aspects of Cosmological Indifference' is a post apocalyptic allegory of nature’s renewal regardless of human folly.

Hughes is a UK based artist who works mainly within his immediate location whether that be - central London, Cornwall, the British coastline, Switzerland or Germany. He has recently (2013) published his first monograph and has work featured in numerous publications, including Next Level, Exit, Hotshoe International, The Photographer and the British Journal of Photography, and is held in a variety of photographic collections worldwide including public selections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Fine Arts (Houston) and the Gana Art Center (Seoul).

Exhibitions and Events (followed by Publications)

Photo London, Nailya Alexander Gallery, May 16th-20th 2018

Featured Artist, The Photographers' Gallery, London, Jan - Feb 2018

Limelight, Falmouth Art Gallery, Dec 2017

Capturing The Light, Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection, Art In Focus, London, Nov 2016 - May 2017

When Frost Was Spectre-Grey, The Photographers' Gallery, London, Nov 18th - Jan 15th 2017

Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, The Photographers' Gallery, 23 - 25th Sept 2017

Primary Forces, Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York City, June 2nd - July 22nd 2016

Prints and Drawings, Belgrave Gallery, St. Ives, Dec 12th - Jan 6th 2016

Miami Project, Nailya Alexander Gallery, Miami, Dec 1st - 6th 2015

Winter Tales, Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York City, Nov 17th - Dec 22nd 2015

Wonder | Current, Canal Gallery, London, July 2nd - Sept 19th 2015

'Nowhere Far', Solo Exhibition, Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, May 28th - July 7th 2015

'The Classical Elements', Curated by The Foundation for Art in Motion, Kinfolk Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, March 2015

'Making Time – New Photographic Constructions', Penwith Society Gallery, St. Ives, Oct – Nov 2014

'(Un)real': Abstraction and Construction in Contemporary Photography, curated by Laura Culpan, Maddox Arts, London, Sept –Oct 2014

'Didn’t we have a lovely time', The Photographers Gallery, London, July – Aug 2014

Ulsan International Photography Festival, South Korea, June 2013

'Aspects of Cosmological Indifference', The Photographers' Gallery, London, (Solo show), Feb- March 2013

Raw Art Fair, Galerie Sophie Maree, Rotterdam, Feb 2013

Classic Photographs, Nailya Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, Jan 2013

'The Landscaper', Galerie Sophie Maree, The Hague, Jul-Aug 2012

Summer of Photography, Recyclart, Brussels, July 2012

Kunstrai, Amsterdam, May 2012

ArtAntique, Galerie Sophie Maree, Utrecht, April 2012

'Arles Contemporary', Galerie Huit, Arles, March 2012

AIPAD, NYC Photography Show, Park Avenue Armory, with Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, March 2012.

'Transience' - Galerie Huit, Arles, France July - Sept 2011
China House, Penang, Malaysia, Jan - Feb 2012.

'Something That I’ll Never Really See', Contemporary Photography from the V&A -
Salur Jung Museum, Hyderabad, April - May 2011
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, March - April 2011
The National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore in association with the British Council, January – February 2011
Bhau Dhaji Lad Museum, Mumbai Nov 2010 – Jan 2011, 

AIPAD NYC, Photography Show, Park Avenue Armory, with Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, March 2011

'Masters of Photography', Falmouth Art Gallery, Feb - April 2011

'Contemplating Landscape'  - Solo Exhibition at the Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, Sept – Oct 2010.

F/Stop - 4th International Festival of Photography - In Seclusion (Invited Artist), Leipzig, Sept – Oct 2010.

Collectors’ Favorites - Duncan Miller Gallery in conjunction with the Photographic Arts Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, August 2010.

'A History Of Photography' - The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, April 2009 - May 2010.

AIPAD, NYC Photography Show, Park Avenue Armory, with Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, March 2010.

London Art Fair, Jan 2010

'Field', Featured Artist at the Photographers’ Gallery, (London) Solo show. Nov 2009 – Jan 2010

Lyon Biennale, France (With the School Gallery) September 2009

White Else? At the School Gallery, Paris, May 12 - July 12, 2009.

AIPAD, NYC Photography Show, Park Avenue Armory, with Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, March 2009.

British Landscape Photography - The Photographers' Gallery at Liberty (London), Feb - March 2009.

 'In Darkness Visible Verse I' at Photo LA - with the Nailya Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, January 2009.

Now and New  - International group show at Gana Art Gallery, Busan, South Korea August 2008.

'The Visual Path' at the Nailya Alexander Gallery - New York, June - August 2008.

‘In Darkness Visible Verse I’ and ‘Edge Verse II’ at AIPAD – New York with the Nailya Alexander Gallery, April 2008.

‘In Darkness Visible Verse I and II’, The Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, North Wales, Jan – Feb 2008

‘In Darkness Visible Verse I’, Paris Photo, Le Carrousel Du Louvre, with the Photographers' Gallery, Nov 2007.

‘In Darkness Visible Verses I & II’, Featured Artist at the Photographers’ Gallery, London (Solo) Sept – Nov 2007.

‘Lightworks’, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin, Curated by Eilis Lavelle, April - 2007

‘Passages of Time – Light, Form and Reflection’, 'Edge' (Solo) Houston Fotofest, USA, March –April  2006 Curated by Wendy Waitriss

‘Edge Verse II’, The Photographers Gallery, London, Dec 2005 – Feb 2006

Paris Photo, Le Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, Nov 2005

‘Landscape Views & Visions’, the 5th International Photo Festival, Gana Art Centre, Seoul, Korea Sept 2005

Summer Show, Photographers Gallery Print Room, London Aug 2004

Jerwood Commission / Wapping project - London, Leeds Design Museum, the Jerwood Space, London. (2003 -2004)

‘Souvenir’, Transition, London Nov 2003

‘Immaterial’ Gallery 1885 London (Solo) London Oct 2003

Association of Photographers, Open London Aug 2003

Fresh Art, London July 2003

‘Sense and Sensibility’ Transition London May 2003

‘Attentive’ Lounge London May2003

‘Take’ Back Hill Gallery London Nov 2002

‘Interim’ Mirror Gallery London Feb 2002

‘Platform for art’ (London Underground) (Solo) Sept-Oct 2001

‘Secondary Visions’-Karoo Gallery, London (solo) Sept-Oct 2001

‘Tower Block Rock’- Conningsby Gallery, London 2000

‘View From The City’-Royal Mint, London 2000

‘Celestial Visitations’-Gallery 1885, London (solo) 2000

‘Into The Light’- SE1 Gallery, London 1999

Suzanne Ruggles Gallery, London 1998

‘Earthworks’- Chelsea Rooftop Gallery, London 1998

Rebecca Hossock Gallery, Degree Show, London 1998

Student Portrait photographer awards (winner) N.E.C. Birmingham 1998

Counter Image group show, Manchester 1997.

Publications (Selected)

Superstition Review, Issue 17, May 2016

La Photographie de Paysages, Nicolas Savine Oct 2015

Aperture Photography App, Issue 7, May 2015

Art Daily, May 2015

'Metamodernism'. Notes on Performatist Photography: Experiencing Beauty and Transcendence after Postmodernism, essay by Dr. Raoul Eshelman (Forthcoming).

'Photography and the Art of Chance', Harvard University Press, by Robin Kelsey, (Burden professor of Photography), May 2015

‘There’s a light that enters houses with no other house in sight’, in collaboration with David Sylvian, Franz Wright and Chritian Fennesz, Published by Samadhisound Nov 2014

' Making Time – New Photographic Constructions', Penwith Society Gallery, St. Ives (Catalogue) Oct 2014

The Guardian, Art & Design, The Best of the British Seaside in pictures, July 2014. 

'Troubled Landscapes' - Photographies, Published by Routledge, Edited by Liz Wells and Deborah Bright including photographic essay and text by Nicholas Hughes, Oct 2013

'Looking Back' - Exit #51, Madrid (Spanish/English), Sept 2013

'Stillness in Movement', Ulsan International Photography Festival, South Korea, (Catalogue) 2013

'Aspects of Cosmological Indifference' - Monograph, published 2013

Photomonitor, Essay by Martin Barnes, Senior Curator, Photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (October 2012)

Landscape Stories, Interview (Italian/English), July 2012

'Transience', Galerie Huit, Arles, (Book Catalogue), 2012

‘The Trees’ Landscape Stories 7,  March 2012

'20 Now: Contemporary Photographers', (Chinese/English) Book publication by Cite Group, Taiwan, Authors Nagasaki Shaw and Summer Hung for distribution in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong (Oct 2011)

‘Holy Wood’, In Defence of the Tree, book publication by Cantz in association with the Berlin Biennale. Feb 2011.

The New Yorker, Review of New York exhibition, Oct 2010.

'Im Verborgenen' (In the Hidden), German/English, F/Stop Catalogue, Oct 2010.

Die Nacht, (German/English) Feature and Interview with Franziska Spindler, Oct 2010.

'Silent Landscapes', Exit #38 , Editorial by Rosa Olivares, (Spanish/English) Paradise was here Nearby, May 2010

The Post-Postmodernism Issue (Adbusters), Text by Sarah Nardi, March 2010

Ag Photographic – Feb 2010, text by Nicholas Hughes.

Sunday Times Style Magazine, Dec 2009

The British Library (Sound Archive) - Recording of talk given at the Photographers' Gallery, Nov 2009.

Dpi Magazine, Taiwan, (Chinese/English) November 2009 (Feature and Interview) Download PDF

Photography for a Greener Planet - Review by Andrea Bakacs, Sept 2009

Liv Raison 2009  Open Landscapes, Closed Rooms

Next level (Symbolism) – March 2008 ‘In Darkness Visible Verse I’ with an essay by Laura Noble

Lens Culture – Nov 2007, feature ‘In Darkness Visible’ - text by Jim Casper/Nicholas Hughes

Financial Times – Oct 2007, Exhibition Review for ‘In Darkness Visible’ – ‘Images from the Hidden World’ by Claire Holland

Royal photographic Society – Nov 2007

Ag photographic – Nov 2007

Interface Artist News – Oct 2007 ‘In Darkness Visible’ – Exhibition Review by Anna Hales

Hotshoe International – August/Sept 2007 with an essay by Bill Kouwenhoven ‘The Luminous Darkness of Nicholas Hughes.’

‘Lightworks’ reviewed by Anna Hales for Artist’s News – April 2007

Next Level May 2006 with an essay by David Low ‘Of Old Time and of New Eternity.’

Crude Metaphors/Hotshoe May 2006 with an essay by Angus Carlyle ‘Our Memories of Snow.’

Baroque – Garageland – May 2006

The Earth/Artists Responding to Violence – Houston Fotofest – March 2006 with an essay by the author ‘Edge.’

Hotshoe International - Feb 2006, Exhibition review by Melissa De Witt

Great 63 (The Photographers’ Gallery) - Dec 2005

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